Purchase of industrial plastics waste

Turn your losses into profit; sell your industrial plastics purging, trimmings and components to Sani-Éco.

Do you wish to get rid of resins or plastic products? Call us now.

In order to grant our recycled materials a second life, the purity of the material we purchase is one of our main selection criteria.

  • Plastic material analysis.
  • Material collected at your plant.

Processing of plastic waste

Transform your waste material into reusable material: Save time, money and… the environment.

Why buy new resins when Sani-Éco can wash, granulate and reship your waste material for a fraction of the cost of new resins?

Benefit from quality plastic resins, quick service, adapted solutions and a reliable team.

  • Washing and processing of plastic material.
  • Production of plastic material packed according to your preferences.
  • Delivery of the processed bales to your company.

Sales of processed bales

Economical and environmental, the purchase of plastic resins is a wise choice.

From collecting to processing, Sani-Éco’s recycled plastics are sorted, washed, granulated and packed according to rigorous processes enabling us to offer premium quality recycled plastic resin material.

  • Sale of recycled resins.
  • Procurement of specific products.
  • Procurement of specific products.

Recyclable plastics

Here’s an overview of plastics recycled by Sani-Éco:

  • HDPE
  • Acrylic
  • HMW
  • Tubs
  • PVC
  • ABS
  • Film
  • PP
  • and more.

Shredder’s capacity: 72 X 54

Also available

Sale or rental of presses for plastic