Sani-Lavebac is a garbage bin cleaning solution that employs state-of-the-art patented technology to make your garbage containers look and smell brand new!

Sani LaveBac offers:

  • A regular wash of your waste bin will enable you to control odours and wholesomeness while maintaining a healthy environment.
  • Sani-LaveBac (avec ou sans -?) caters to citizens and mainly operates in the washing of bins.
  • Composting is a trend that will benefit municipalities.
  • Sani-Lavebac’s service will contribute in keeping a healthy and odourless environment for the citizens.

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Kills Household Germs

Your garbage bin is a hot-bed of germs and bacteria. Our amazing cleaning system kills household germs that reside in garbage bins. Keep yourself, your employees, or your family safe!

Get Rid of Garbage-Bin Odors

Tired of having to hold your nose every time you take out the trash? Our service returns your garbage bins to you odor-free! Your neighbors and garbage collection company will appreciate it!

Protect our Home! Green and Eco-Friendly

Our advanced water pressure and high-heat system means no environmental impact! All water used in the cleaning process is recovered, with no water leaking into the ground and groundwater. We are proud to say that our service is green and eco-friendly!

Sani LaveBac : Fast, Hassle-Free Garbage Bin Cleaning Service

You can order and schedule your garbage bin cleaning appointment online today! We can clean your garbage bins while you’re at work.

Never worry again with monthly maintenance

Want to make sure that your garbage containers are well-maintained and representative of your property? We can pre-schedule bin cleanup services as far in advance as you’d like.

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